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Criminal Law & Juvenile Matters

At McIntyre DeFede Law PLLC, a Manassas-based law firm, we have experience throughout the Northern Virginia courts in matters of criminal defense, from misdemeanors through felony jury trials.  At this time, the attorneys are limiting their criminal focus to matters involving the following:

  • Protective orders
  • Expungements
  • Truancy, abuse/neglect petitions
  • Child Protective Services (CPS) appeals
  • Child in Need of Services/Supervision (CHINS) petitions

Our experience in education law makes us well-equipped to handle many juvenile cases.  We are familiar with the disabilities that can cause a young person to act out or misbehave in a way that results in truancy charges or a CHINS petition.  Similarly, our experience in family law lends itself to defending and pursuing protective orders, as these filings frequently occur in tense domestic situations or custody matters.

The attorneys have defended CPS findings of abuse and neglect through all levels, from the initial administrative appeal of a finding through the Virginia Court of Appeals.