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Few people are familiar with education law in Virginia. In fact, many people are not even aware of their rights or their student’s rights, so finding yourself faced with an education law matter can be very confusing. At McIntyre DeFede Law PLLC in Manassas, our education law attorneys strive to ensure that our clients understand the legal process they are going through and how best to resolve it.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you need an attorney for an education-related matter. Our suggestion is to call us as soon as something doesn’t seem right. In a consultation, we will tell you if we can help.

Upholding The Rights Of Virginia Students And Teachers

Parents, students and teachers rarely expect that an issue with school could create the need for an attorney, but sometimes it does. At our law firm, we assist clients throughout Virginia with the following education law matters:

  • Discipline: If your child is facing suspension, expulsion or any other form of discipline from a public or private school, it is important to contact an attorney. We are familiar with the administrative hearings in all of Northern Virginia and will be able to tailor your approach accordingly.
  • Matters involving a college or university:Whether you are seeking in-state tuition, have been disciplined for honor code violations, need disability services or are in a dispute with a private college or university, we can help. One of the most important things a student can do is to consult with us before completing the application to request a change in status from out-of-state to in-state tuition. Virginia High School League: If your student has been denied eligibility to participate in athletics by the VHSL, our attorneys can assist you in the appeals process.
  • Special education: Our attorneys represent parents of students with disabilities at all levels of the special education process, including initial eligibility, IEP meetings, placement decisions, manifestation determination reviews (MDR) and causality hearings, 504 Plans, State Complaints, administrative reviews, transportation concerns, behavior issues, including FBA and BIP development and implementation, mediation and ultimately due process hearings. Although we primarily represent clients in Northern Virginia, we have cases throughout the Commonwealth with the ability to attend IEP meetings by telephone.
  • Advocating for teachers: We have extensive experience assisting teachers with negative evaluations and utilizing the grievance procedures, including in cases of termination. Teachers also rely on our firm’s expertise when it comes to dealing with a Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation. Our attorneys are familiar with the impact a CPS finding will have on a teacher and the appeals procedures which need to be followed.

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