Focusing On Strategic And Effective Problem Solving


Although many divorcing couples require litigation, for other couples, mediation is an option to keep the relationship amicable and keep costs down.

At McIntyre DeFede Law PLLC, you would work with one of our experienced family law attorneys as your mediator.  Mediation is a voluntary process and the attorney would not represent either party.  Instead, the mediator acts as a neutral third party to assist in resolving the issues and reaching a resolution.  Our family law attorneys have seen both sides of a family law case, having participated in successful mediations with their clients and having litigated numerous cases in court.  They can bring their knowledge to the table to assist both parties in reaching a written settlement agreement addressing custody, support, equitable distribution and all matters arising from your divorce.

Unlike traditional divorce litigation, mediation allows the parties to reach a unique agreement that works for them and their family.  Many divorces are resolved between five to nine sessions, for less money and more quickly than the traditional court route.